We make no judgement on where your current level of sustainability are now. We focus on the journey ahead and that you receive the means and goals to get your work done as efficiently as possibly.  Efficient sustainbilty and efforts that actually matters -  We call it practical 




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all offsetting is not the same

The worlds most important offsetting right now?

Imagine if we could just suck out CO2 from the air with a fan and then store that carbon dioxid forever. Well you can, that’s thole concept of Direct Air Capture (DAC). Possibly the most important technology so far in our fight to reduce the elevated volumes of Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 

The challenge is to get as many as possible to offset trough this technique now while the price, though to few DAC plants, is still very high. The more people that invest the more plants can open up and the lower the price per ton will be.

Who are the companies that will contribute and take this initial higher cost? 




Eco Now offers a broad portfolio of services and products in the sustainable driven market; Emission calculations, Sustainability strategy and communication, offsetting, green office services, education, green building and interior projects.

We work in close association with some of the top brands on the market.



Carbon emission offsetting is one of our main areas. We proud our selfs in having one the markets most diversified portfolios of CO2 offsetting projects.  In Sweden we where the first firm to introduce the Direct Air Capture technology and among the first to offer Swedish bio char projects. We work with Natural Capital Partners for large scale offsetting.



We have an extra passion for initiating projects and events. Especially where we get a chance to change perceptions and old values on how sustainabile products and campaigns are ”supposed” to look or be communicated. Right now we are creating a stunning eco house with uncompromising design and the latests technical solutions. 


Real change is made by joined efforts. In order to imagine the best we work with the best. Read more about how we work 

Use us for your next event 

Eco Now originates from an event and communication company. Our roots newer left and communication, PR and event is still a part of our business and incorporated in many fo the services we provide. Over the years we have arranged seminars, conferences, fairs, Earth Hour events and press openings. From 20 attendees to over 30 000.  Creativity and sustainanabilty are our key words when organizing events. We can perferably be involved in early stage contributing with idea, concept and organization. Just as well we can just make sure your already planned event are executed as sustainable as possible. Our services include options such as CO2 emission calculations, waste and recycling services, transportation, rent of material, venue and menue suggestions. In close cooperation with our event company DNA and Grillmässan we have access to famous chefs and food profiles. If you want press attention, celebrity guests and influencers to attend we can arrange for that as well!

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