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Eco Now offers a broad portfolio of services and products in the sustainable driven market. We offer emission calculations, strategy, communication, offsetting, green office services, education, green building and interior projects.

We work in close association with some of the top brands on the market.



Carbon emission offsetting is one of our main areas. We proud our selfs in having one the markets most diversified portfolios of CO2 offsetting projects.  In Sweden we are exclusive agent of the Direct Air Capture technology from Climeworks but we also work with Natural Capital Partners for large scale offsetting.



We have an extra passion for initiating projects and events. Especially where we get a chance to change perceptions and old values on how sustainabile products and campaigns are ”supposed” to look or be communicated. Right now we are creating a stunning eco house with uncompromising design and the latests technical solutions. 


Wouldn’t it be great if we could just suck the CO2 right out of the atmosphere and thus bring us back to acceptable CO2 levels? 

Well that’s exactly what the Direkt Air Capture technique does. Until know the only problem part from being a costly method has been what to do with the Co2 once it separated. Climeworks has solved this problem by binding the Co2 with Basaltic rock in Iceland. The method is entirely driven by thermal energy, require minimum water and land use, can be measured very exactly and is permanent. The fastest method available for reducing Co2 form the air. We beleve this to be THE most important solution available for speeding up the work to reach the Paris agreement. 

Want to be one of the pioneers that join in our mission to start up as many Direct Air Capture (DAC) plants as possible? 

sign up for using DAC as part of your offsetting to day.!

Green Office

Our green office and building services include the super cool plant wall NAAVA with AI Technology , office recycling services in collaboration with Starcycle , electric car chargers from Charge-Amps for the garage and much more. With our help you can optimize you office space to a more sustainable, stylish and healthy environment. 

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