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         Klimatberäkningar, GHG protokoll, Livscykelanalys, EPD, hållbarhetsrapport?  Eco Now i samarbete med några av marknadens främsta experter finns tillgängliga för att ta fram det material ni behöver. Läs mer

Boka ett abonnemang!

Denna tjänst lämpar sig för såväl större som mindre bolag. För mindre företag som kanske har ekonomiskt svårt att anställa en person enbart för hållbarhet och miljöfrågor kan detta  vara ett prisvärt alternativ. Ungefär som en Media PR partner kompletterar större företagets egna resurser så medför denna tjänst också ett potentiellt värdefullt komplement. Genom att boka ett abonnemang ni kan avboka när som har ni ständigt tillgång till oss vid behov som bollplank, strategisk och kommunikativ rådgivning, enklare beräkningar mm. I förlängningen har ni då också tillgång till alla våra partners spjutspetskompetens. 


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Med en av marknadens mest diversifierade klimatkompenseringsportföljer,  flera unika projekt och ett samarbete med jätten Natural Capital Partners hjälper er att hitta ett projekt som passar just er.  


Att Kompensera för sina utsläpp är en av de viktigaste åtgärderna man göra för att ligga i paritet med parisavtalet och se till att man är en del av lösningen och inte en del av problemet. Till klimatkompensering

Through us you get access to a global network of experts and several companies

Eco Now has the strength of several companies working for you in terms of analysis, keeping track of the latest news, trends, facts and laws in the sustainable driven market. Through us you have the combined expertise of several companies channeled by us to mach your need. The method gives you access to a wider portal of services and expertise and at the same we save you time and money.


We only work with best. But in order to save you money and time Eco Now does the ground work and can allocate various job task within our network, without ever lacking quality or loosing the integrity or final touch. In fact its the other way around, this process is proven more cost effective and opens up for a higher level of professionalism. We tailor make each job task and client request in a order that you are comfortable with. In close collaboration with 2050 Consulting and Natural Capital Partners we can provide reports and climate calculation of all kinds. GHG protocol reports, LCA assessments, EPDs, strategic consulting, analysis reports, evaluations, certifications and consulting in offset strategy and communication.  

In collaboration with our partners we keep track globaly of news and trends that are important factors when setting up longterm sustainability goals and strategies. We have a large network and experts in law, science, construction, offsetting development, financials, interior design, event and tourism industry, energy sector, forestation sector, gold & jewelry industry, and the recycling sector. 

You may commission us for a specific report or analysis, let us do your GHG protocol and guide you in the offsetting process and you may set up an account that gives you access to all of our services for a full year at a generous rate.


Our green office portfolio includes everything from office recycling bins with service pickup, sustainable interior and design consulting, energy effenciency, coffee machines and green walls to actually make your office more green. 

Through our joint venture partners we can recycle your office material properly and also provide you with the information on how many kg or tons of each product that is recycled every year.  

We are official retailer of the worlds smartest green wall NAAVA. 

Our design and interior section includes access to unique design products and material like Bole Floor, Cosentino, Deco Material and many others. 

We also provide services for buildings like renovation, energy efficiency and EV chargers  

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Office recycling on a regular basis


This service is only available in Stockholm at the moment. 

Set up a regular pick up agreement for handling your waste such as office papers, well papp, metal, etc. Store in metal cages or use our recycling bins. 

We currently work with Starcycle for this service. By ordering the service through us we make sure you get the best price and the possibility to weight your waste for an accurate emission calculation. Also the transport is automatically Co2 compensated by us. 

This super smart green wall is either rented or bought depending on your choice. Part from the proven fact that a little green in the office provides a more likable working environment and ease of mind, this product do wonders for the air quality, act as dividing walls, adds to the interior design and brings better health to the office!

Download PDF here

NAAVA green wall


Let us design your new office or showroom

Eco Now have done several extreme makeover projects in eco design and sustainable houses. Right now we are building ”The most modern eco house in Sweden" - Eco Now House 2.0 

We have close collaboration with fantastic floor provider Bole Floor (Picture) and the exklusive and super eco materials from Cosentino to mention a few of our partners. Check in our project site Eco Now House for inspiration. We tailor make each project for stunning design and smart solutions, and never compromise with sustainable values. 


EV Chargers

We work with Charge-amps EV chargers. Great in design (by Koeningsegg chief designer) recycled material and Swedish made. For private use or as a terminal for the office prepared with log in access, payment etc. 


Discount when ordering more than 3 units. 3,7 kWh 7,4 kWh 11 kWh or 22 kWh


Use us for your next event 

Eco Now originates from an event and communication company. Our roots newer left and communication, PR and event is still a part of our business and incorporated in many fo the services we provide. Over the years we have arranged seminars, conferences, fairs, Earth Hour events and press openings. From 20 attendees to over 30 000.  Creativity and sustainanabilty are our key words when organizing events. We can perferably be involved in early stage contributing with idea, concept and organization. Just as well we can just make sure your already planned event are executed as sustainable as possible. Our services include options such as CO2 emission calculations, waste and recycling services, transportation, rent of material, venue and menue suggestions. In close cooperation with our event company DNA and Grillmässan we have access to famous chefs and food profiles. If you want press attention, celebrity guests and influencers to attend we can arrange for that as well!


Lär dig mer om Klimatbokslut och GHG protokoll i denna PDF

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