Så jobbar vi

Vi är ett mindre bolag som har valt att bygga upp vår verksamhet i nära samarbete med andra aktörer med särskild spjutspetskompetens. Man kan jämföra vårt upplägg med ett byggbolag som erbjuder helentreprenad och har utomstående  partners som utför El och VVS. På motsvarande vis erbjuder vi våra kunder möjligheten till helentreprenad inom hållbarhet.


Via oss kan ni få hjälp med allt från klimatberäkningar, klimatkompensering  och gröna kontorstjänster till fastighetsoptimering, strategisk rådgivning och hållbara event. Man kan också boka en förmånlig prenumerationstjänst där ni får tillgång till oss och våra expertpartners för bollplank och rådgivning under ett helt år till ett förmånligt pris. Läs mer om våra abonnemang här 

Eco Now initierar också projekt och agerar idéspruta. Våra ekohus projekt har tex. blivit till en hel sidoverksamhet via www.econowhouse.se där vi erbjuder hållbar design, renovering och byggnation. 

Det finns många definitioner av hållbar utveckling, den grundläggande tillskrivs Lester Brown som var med och skrev Brundtlandrapporten 1987, den lyder  " en utveckling som tillfredsställer dagens behov utan att äventyra kommande generationers möjligheter att tillfredsställa sina behov.”  

-  Vi hjälper företag att definiera hållbarhet utifrån kundens verksamhet, morgondagens krav och marknadens förväntningar. Vi hjälper till att utforma mål och förtydliga de många begrepp, utmaningar och vinster som står att finna med en utvecklad hållbarhetsstrategi.







modern b.png


We believe change is possible through business. We believe sustainability can and should be incorporated in to the core of every company and not just to be used as a PR tool or empty words. A successful sustainability agenda should flow through the company at all levels and be embraced from the top management to the floor personell. We believe when that becomes the case and a reality - costumers, personell and business will flourish as well. When the sustainability work is genuin communicating that work is not just PR, its something more, its real and inspiring.  Its the stuff that makes your personell proud of their working space and inspire them to work even harder, its the stuff that makes your brand attractive and a preferred choice by costumers, and its the kind of inspiration that encourages others to do better as well thus creating a positive snowball effect of good. This is how we believe we can fight the climate crises and make a change for a better tomorrow.  

Eco Now is a force that helps companies achieve this. We can assist in specific tasks or be an strategic partner from the beginning and help companies to find their own unique sustainability profile.  Our business is based on being a spider in the web combining a creative mind with a massive network of contacts, partners and services that allows us to keep track of the latest news, trends, innovations, facts, laws, materials and techniques. You may use us as portal and inspirational consultant on occasion, a full time partner involved in setting up strategies and help finding your own unique and fitting sustainability profile, and a complete supplier of all things  related to your companies sustainability work and profil -  from offsetting and calculations to strategy, communication and hands on products like green offiice equipment.  We act as advisor and coming up with new materials and eco designs, or just a supplier of a certain product or service found in our portfolio. We work both big and small.  

We don’t exclude. Our ambition is to help as many as possible to speed up the sustainability work, especially if it is in a company sector that has big challenges and/or where the core business has a big climate impact.  But we will never contribute to greenwashing or work with illegal activities. For instance we love working with design, high fashion, comfort and luxury. Areas not normally associated with sustainability. But making sustainability attractive is part of our belief in order to speed up a change. These areas have challenges we love to take on, but design and luxury also comes with many attributes that are important to consider and learn from. The ability to invoke desire for example is something the sustainable driven market unfortunately often lack. These products and business areas are aslo often associated with long lasting quality and value,  innovation and creativity. All of these qualities can also be important tools constructing a successful sustainability approach or agenda- if only they are channelled right. 

Our own philosophy and sustainability work follows the same principles. We have set a profile we believe in and that works for us. We practice work from home to an extent,  even before Covid. Most of our assets are partners, consultants etc we bring in when needed. We mostley travel by public transport or by bike. We use only renewably energy. We offset our impact when we need to travel by flight, mostly we use video or phone  conferences  though.  Our showroom and office is incorporated in our new Eco Now House project that also work as the CEOs personal home. We are not vegetarians but often eat veggie food and otherwise focus on organic and local food. All material from events and office including food are recycled properly (food as bio gas). Our tech equipment like computers, phones etc are not replaced until they have really done their work, and we then make sure they find their way to a new way of life or recycle. We also use allot of demo products from our clients after they have served their original purpose. All office equipment is 2nd hand in form of used display products from events and partners, and most of them are sustainable innovation examples in them selfs. Investments and pension funds are placed as sustainably as possible. On our way to a meeting we practice "one trash per day picking up a trash we find on our way. 


Isabella & Pär at the Eco Now Fair. Pär have been a supporter,  conferencier and speaker at Eco Now events on many occasions, also a big help in providing us with important contacts. Isabella contributed as speaker and front figure the most important year of the eco now event. Her work and book Silent Sea was an important inspiration for Eco Now.

Our story

Eco Now originates from the event company DNA. In 2009 DNA launched a sustainability & Eco fair at Kistamässan, displaying about 100 hand picked companies from the sustainable driven market. The name of the exhibition was Eco Now. Unfortunately the event was launched in the middle of the financial crisis and became an expensive venture. Not keen on letting the event company continue to take the risk of the investment, Eco Now became a separate company. 

The first years Eco Now focused on the sustainability fair and acting as a event and communication company with focus on the ”green” market. Always searching for the most innovative and interesting sustainable news, companies and products led to a broad knowledge on what’s going on where, but also a growing frustation and sad feeling that change is happening to slow. ”Green” products still lacked design, green food still didnt taste very inspiring, sustainable fashion was still way behind, and offsetting was starting to get heavily questioned. An increasing urge to to speed things up and on the right track and to contribute with real change started to grow.


We had the network, the market knowledge and a pretty good idea on what we might actually do in order to bring change. Through several courses and seminars we had pretty good knowhow also but lacked recourses. Luckily we had spent years of prospecting the market globally for the best and the most interesting companies for our fairs, so we had a very clear opinion, in our eyes, on who the best where. As such we approached these companies and experts and began to ad them to our cause. As partners, as joint ventures and by setting up retail and agent agreements. The Eco Now hub was born and our story begins. 

Anders Hallström.

CEO & Founder of Eco Now 


Our partners

2050 Consulting 

Most of our reports, analyses and climate emissions calculations are made in close collaborations with 2050 Consulting. Some of their experts was part of the team who created the standards of the Global GHG protocol, they run the business network Hagainitiativet and are over all a very valuable asset when it comes to expert opinions and calculations. Through us you also get access to their expertise, and all of our other partnerswithout it affecting the price. 


Natural Capital Partners 

Appointed best offset company of the year nine ten years in a row sais something about this partner. They have the global overview and resources needed to find the most serious and important projects. At the same time their size  guarantees  very large  quantities of credits generating a lower cost per ton Co2. They also have the recourses to initiate whole new projects where our clients can be brought in form start and even give their own personal touch to it. We are proud to be their partner in the Nordic countries. Natural Capital Partners are also an excellent extra asset when we set up long term strategies that includes offsetting or when addressing global campaigns.  



We are proud to be retailer for this important Direct Air Capture technique in Sweden. With their innovative technique we can not only provide the worlds only operational direct air capture plant for offsetting with permanent storage by binding it to basaltic rock, we can also provide innovative alternative fuels and carbonated drinks. To name a few solutions. 



When it comes to expertise in chemicals and their effect on the environment there are probably very few who can even begin to compete with RE:profit. Big knowledge in circular economics, chemicals and sustainable materials they act as our experts and partners in these departments.  


3D Interactive 

Our partner for Apps, 3d design, Oculus rift, and augmented reality. Trough them we can visualize, simplify and above all  hot  up communication, advertisement, presentations, drawings, architectural plans etc. 










The Eco Now House projects are initiated by us in order to explore the world of interior, design and materials for house and construction. From our Eco Now exhibitions we had came across som pretty amazing companies and products, that we sadly didnt seem to see much of in real life. At least not in Sweden.  In addition that we believed that the hole concept of eco houses could use a good refreshment and some new angles we started up the Eco Now House projects. 


Right now we are creating our 2nd Eco Now house project, this time with the aim of opening up the most modern Eco house in Sweden and including the latest technology. The house will also work as office and showroom and as the personal house of Eco Now CEO. The opening is scheduled Summer 2021. Follow the project at www.econowhouse.se 

Eco Now räknar ut klimatnyttan av att åka med viking Grace

Viking Grace

Viking Line are investing in new more sustainable cruise ships driven by gas. Viking Grace is the first of these ships being launched using LNG gas as fuel to reduce emissions and a number other smart solutions.


Eco Now did a emissions report and comparison between other cruise ship models and also corrected some earlier published calculation models. The Viking Grace ship was also part of the Eco Now Initiative ”the climate year” where the eco family tested the cruise trip and made reviews of the experience and included the emission calculations from the report. 

The Climate year 

This massive project was conducted with over 80 partners and clients, calculating the emissions of ”the climate Family” for over 1.5 years.  Every cup of coffee, kilogram of food, every traveled Kilometer, every spent SEK, and consumed Kwh was reported and then calculated in to CO2 emissions.  

The concept was to map the everyday activities of the Swedish lifestyle and its emissions, but also to try to identify activities and lifestyle behavior that emitted less emissions creating a roadmap towards a one tonne life. The final report is yet to be published but the project included many side projects, campaigns and tests. Audi Q7 Etron fueled with Preem Evolution Diesel + electric hybrid use, the Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid, ordering food home, analyzing the most climate friendly theme park to name a few! 

Park & Resorts theme parks did very good in the analysis and the study was included in their sustainability report 2017.  Page 33.

pekar park.jpg

Calculating the emissions from Swedish theme parks and turist attractions was one of the included tests of the  Climate   year project. In picture: visit at Kolmården

fisker karma @ eco now

The image is actually from a event at Münchenbryggeriet also displaying Electric vehicles, which led on to a separate event in 2016-the Electric & Hybrid car show. Special invited press and VIP clients where invited to test the latest EV cars and hybrids on the test runway of Trosta Park. 

Electric &



Car show 


Eco Now



The Eco Now fair was the first big sustainability exhibition in Sweden that included everything from organic food to sustainbile fashion (picture) . The Eco Now fair have been arranged since 2009 on different venues such as Kistamässan, Münchenbryggeriet, Clarion Sign and even out side occupying all of Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. There is currently no set date when the next big Eco Now fair will take place. 

hållbart mode med eco now